1. Wrote my first romance story at age 8. It was shockingly bad.

2. Studied Theatre at Trinity College, Carmarthen.

3. Worked as a production assistant on welsh horror film, The Amityville Asylum under the direction of Andrew Jones. I have an IMDB credit and everything!

4. Could turn tea drinking into an Olympic event.

5. Big fan of writing letters. So much more exciting than emails.

6. I love old films like An Affair to Remember, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Some Like it Hot.

7. Once received a coconut in the post. Still have it.

8. I write at an old fashioned bureau that was a gift from my Grandfather. It’s fancy.

9. Would love to write a pirate saga.

10. Jane Austen nut. Sense and Sensibility is my favourite.