Winter has arrived. The jumpers have been liberated from the back of the wardrobe and my nice, normal sized mug has been replaced by a gargantuan drinking vessel that holds enough tea to slake the thirst of a small (okay, large) country.

This time last year, I was in a very different place in terms of writing. I had only recently won my first flash fiction competition with Part of the Furniture and I was still finding my feet.

What a difference a year makes.

It has been a year of education, of discovering, of knowing when to push harder and knowing when to stop. I have written a great deal. Some of it is okay. Lots of it is terrible. All of it is worthwhile.

I have had a few pieces published over the course of the last twelve months and links to each of these pieces can be found in the 'My Writing' section of the site.

There's more to come, with pieces due to appear in Journey Man, Firewords Quarterly and Specklit through the winter months.

Links will be posted as and when they are available and I whole-heartedly encourage you to read, comment, share and discuss.

I will continue to update my twitter feed with publication news and general musings. If you don't already follow, come on over and if you do, thanks for checking out the site. I hope to see you back here very soon - bring a friend!

Until next time...

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