Happy November everyone!

I‘ll start with the good news as I’m positively bursting with it; the first instalment of Time Traders of Elegius will be available in time for Christmas.  I don’t have a date but it will be available to purchase after a final round of edits. Information on how to purchase will be posted here as and when it is available and as always, it’s worth keeping an eye on www.wpcomicsltd.com for news on this as well as their other upcoming releases.

Christmas is fast approaching now, and in between planning sessions and shopping trips I’ve spent a busy few weeks polishing a new short story which is due for submission over the coming weekend. I’ve also committed to a new project with WP Comics which will give me the opportunity to work closely with Mark Fluharty whose artistic flair I greatly admire. The concept is challenging and will undoubtedly test my story telling skills in ways I haven’t even conceived yet but I’m looking forward to getting started. I’ll be posting more information here once we’ve ironed out the kinks.

 In addition to my writing projects, I’ve secured a new job which is an unexpected twist in my tale and an opportunity that I nearly missed. I will never understand the voice in my head that pushes me to take these risks, but I will be forever grateful for it. From early December, I shall be surrounded by books all day, every day, encouraging young folks in reading, writing, storytelling and all manner of exciting things.

I’ve come to the startling conclusion that from the age of 21 I have put the very best parts of myself in a box every day. I’ve packed them up and shut them down in order to get on with real work and real life, serious grown up things that require a straight face and a variety of well tailored clothing in black or grey. With the big 3-0 looming, this next decade should not be cause for alarm (despite the rising panic demonstrated by some of my similarly aged friends) but rather, cause for celebration.  I believe that the first step is to allow the person I am on the page (she’s quite funny) to exist in glorious technicolour in my every day. So, no more boxes, no more black. I am what I am and I’m making no apologies.

Finally, I want to share something with you. It is a particular line from a book by a newly discovered author and it feels appropriate for today’s post:

The hardest part of your journey is always the next step.

The book in question is East of the Sun, West of the Moon by Jackie Morris and it has been in my possession for exactly one week.  In that week, I have slept less, read more and learnt much.  If you have little ones or if you are an adult who appreciates a beautiful book, I highly recommend her work. It’s a wonderful story, the type that paints your dreams a different colour and makes the world seem different on waking and yes, I know that makes me sound slightly odd but all the best people are. I’m not worried.

Until next time...

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