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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know all about my upcoming project with WP Comics. Time Traders of Elegius is a story in three parts, a tale of magic, adventure and the human capacity for love. It has been an incredible h=journey and I would never have made it this far without the enthusiasm and unwavering support of Mark Fluharty. The founder of WP Comics has a passion for storytelling which is reflected in the vast array of comic books he has produced. I caught up with Mark a couple of weeks ago and here’s what he had to say.

On the origins of his love for comic books…
I have been an avid comic book fan since I was a little fella. I used to
wear a Superman cape and rescue damsels in distress back then.  In the
sixties we didn’t have all the distractions kids have today and comics
were a way of escaping the realities the world threw at us.  It seems I am
still doing that today, ha ha.

On his favourite childhood comic…
Without a doubt Batman; I had a subscription and had the very first
issues that came out.  I never missed an issue when I was a kid. If I
only had those comics today… Why I say that I don’t know - I
wouldn’t sell them if I had them and you can believe they would have
been well read. But Batman was my main read followed only by Superman.

On the comic book characters that influenced him…
I don’t really have a character but a big name in comics that does influence me a lot and
is kind of my hero is Stan Lee.  He built Marvel Comics up from nothing and was a man of many different hats when he started it. His success has been the driving force behind me and WP Comics. I am no Stan Lee as they broke the mould with him but I am able to write and illustrate comics much like he did. He was and still is quite a guy.

On the qualities of a good comic book…
That’s easy… characters, characters, characters.  Comic books are very character driven. You need characters that stand out and make readers want to learn more about them.  There are a lot of things that go into a good comic book but without interesting characters characters the comic is doomed.

On his biggest secret…

I am the Batman…

On the future for WP Comics…
WP Comics will become the largest comic producer in the United Kingdom,
of this I have no doubt. We are going to take comics to the
next level using the technology Stan Lee didn’t have available to him
back in the sixties when he started Marvel. I have lots of plans
for WP Comics and those plans include all of the talented people working
with me today. We will be getting involved in video production, creating a cartoon network for our younger fans, publishing comic books of varying length and expanding into storybook publishing  (which is something I am about to announce to our writing team.)  I see WP Comics future as an Entertainment Company that evolves around the comic world.

On upcoming projects…
One project is being written by Stu Perrins, who is a great comic writer.
We have gotten together and will be publishing a graphic novel with a
spy theme. If you are a James Bond Fan, don’t miss ‘Who is Jack Lazarus.’
I am writing and illustrating a graphic novel entitled ‘A.I.’ It will take place on Earth in a very new science fiction world - I am a big fan of that particular genre. Horror fans should be on the lookout for some great titles from our horror writer Emma Flint and of course, we look forward to your new title currently in development, ‘The Basket Case.’

On Christmas wishes...
I’d like a new Batmobile - my old one got a few scratches. A bigger desk would be nice, and
success for all my writers and illustrators. What more could a guy ask for…

On New Year’s resolutions…
I aim to become the largest comic publisher in the United Kingdom and for our team
of writers and illustrators to earn recognition for their work.  I am all about WP Comics Ltd.

I would urge everyone to visit www.wpcomicsltd.com and take a look at the amazing titles they have on offer. There’s some real artistry to be seen here and it’s a great place to browse for comic book fans of every age.

Don’t forget, Time Traders of Elegius Part One will be available for purchase on the 15th December. Print copies and digital downloads will be available directly from WP Comics or you can order through Amazon.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting the site and I look forward to checking in with you next week.

Until next time…

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