Hello, everyone!


Apologies, I know it’s been a while, but the work/life balance is once again proving to be very challenging. More about that later.

First things first, I have news that things are on the move with Time Traders. The guys at WP Comics have been on the hunt for a new artist for some time now and last week, I was lucky enough to see some rough sketches. My reaction was overwhelmingly positive, although in the build up to receiving the artwork, I was incredibly nervous. I can’t say too much at this point as we are in the very early stages of redesign but I am feeling optimistic about this new partnership and also about the future of the series. I’ll be updating the site as and when I have any news.

I have been working on other projects although not with any regularity. After a seven week summer hiatus, I don’t mind admitting it’s been difficult to find my way back into old routines. Writing after work is pretty difficult as I find my head is so full of the day’s events, the things I finished and those things I’ve yet to do. There isn’t much room for anything else although I persevere with my scribbles on my lunch break and also on the bus (where I manage to get more ink on myself than on the paper but I’m fairly sure I get points for trying). However, I think the worst of the struggle is behind me as I experimented with early morning writing sessions last week and enjoyed a small measure of success. I intend to carry on with those sessions this week and if they continue to be as fruitful as they have been so far, I’m hopeful that I will be able to incorporate them permanently into my day.

Today, I have been wrestling with a particular character who doesn’t want to be written. Sure, she’s a dominant presence in my head, acting all angsty and staring out of rain streaked windows whilst rousing music, almost always featuring an electric guitar, swells dramatically in the background. Problem is, I can’t get her to do anything else and believe me, I’ve tried. I know who she is, I understand her relationships, I have the measure of her flaws and I know all of her good traits. Her needs and objectives are nailed down, I know that she is broken, I know exactly when that happened, I know how and I know why. Still can’t get her away from the window.  I’ve tried all my usual tricks –hot bath, baking, long walk, music, reading my favourite authors. This woman is stubborn.

Or maybe I am. Because I have a sneaking suspicion the problem isn’t actually with her. It’s me. After all, she only exists in my mind – she’s not out in the world yet, on paper or in the mind of the reader. The inclination to sit down and write her story is there – I’m excited about it, I think it could work really well and it’s an opportunity to examine the mother-daughter dynamic, which is something I haven’t done before.  So perhaps I need to stop shifting responsibility onto the wilful character, the complex plot, the lack of time or the urgency of alphabetising by bookshelves. Perhaps I just need to sit down and work. After all, writing, like so many creative pursuits, is 1% inspiration and 99% getting the hell on with it.

Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely weekend.

Until next time…

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