I am not a wizard. I know, I know, hard to believe. Not only am I not a regular wizard, I am also not a technological wizard and whilst not a technophobe in any sense, the technical problems that prevented any new blog posts were sadly beyond my limited capabilities. For that reason, I would like to say a big thank you to Rhys Godfrey for getting everything up and running again with his mad skills and limitless patience.

So, now that I’m back, where to begin? I guess the big news is that the hunt is on for a new illustrator for Time Traders of Elegius and once that lucky individual is on board, WP Comics are planning a relaunch of Issue #1 in full colour. It’s a daunting prospect, starting over again with a new artist but I have absolute faith in Mark and the team at WP and I’m excited to see where this new venture will take us. I’ll keep you posted with updates when I have more information.

There’s very little I can do in terms of Time Traders at the moment – the fate of the series rests in someone else’s hands. For a control freak, that’s pretty hard to swallow but I’m not one to be idle and I often find that the best way to let a project go is to move on to something else. I have been using my free time over the summer to work on a much larger project. I’m not ready to share it with anyone else yet – the world of this story lives exclusively inside my head and that’s enough for now. I’m not being deliberately cryptic here; I think it was J K Rowling who once said that the best way to kill an idea is to talk about it and that is something I hold true. I think sometimes, in my enthusiasm, I share too much. It doesn’t feel like a problem at the time and it’s only when I sit at the desk with a pen in my hand and a blank page in front of me that I realise I have nothing left to write. The idea is spent. It’s a horrible feeling, like having a stomach full of lead. I’ve done it to myself once or twice and I do not care to repeat the experience. As soon as I have more to report though, you guys will be the first to know!

In addition to my larger project, I have been revisiting some old ideas. I have a terrible habit of letting stories go too soon. I feel crushed when they don’t find an immediate home with a magazine or journal and the lack of feedback can be disheartening. I’m guilty of shoving the offending piece in a drawer and forgetting about it. It’s always easier to spend time on a shiny, new idea than it is to examine a story you’ve already poured your heart and soul into, looking for flaws and ways to improve it. Among the pieces I’ve been working on are two short stories; The Cellist and The Three Deaths of Cassidy Bell.

With any luck, I’ll be back here with further updates over the course of the next few weeks, so watch this space!

Until next time…

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