Here we are again, and I guess the first thing I should say is HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! What? Better late than never...

I intended to add to this blog over Christmas, but there were family gatherings and visits with friends, last minute shopping trips, gifts to give and food to eat. Not to worry, I thought. I’ll blog first thing in the new year - fresh start, blank page and every other cliche in the book. January 1st came and went. No blog post. The first week of 2018 ran into the second which bled into the third and before I knew it, January was over and February was upon us. Half term, I told myself. There’s no better time for genuine reflection; the shine of the new year will have worn off a little and I’ll be less likely to make grand overblown statements of intent with regard to reading, writing or that infamous work/life balance. Half term was last week-I spent very little of that time writing. I told myself it was fine, that life had been hectic and that I would get back on track and for a second, I believed my own lie.

The truth is, life has not been especially busy-certainly nothing beyond what is usual in my world. Yes, work has been busy and yes, I have taken on some extra commitments. Yes, there has been a lot going on at home and yes, my social life has been slightly more active of late. None of those things are going away. The hard and horrible reality is that I am an adult and as such, this is life now. It’s a constant balancing act. Life hasn’t been hectic; life has just been life and I’ve been sitting there, making excuses while it passes me by.

For all the reasons listed above, I’ve decided to try and blog once a month and in order to give myself some structure, I’ll be focusing on my current WIP along with anything I’ve been reading. Posts should appear during the last week of the month, starting in March.

On that positive note, I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Until next time...

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