March is a month for beginnings. Spring is just around the corner, we anticipate warmer weather, longer days and there’s a feeling of possibility in the air. I always feel this would be a more appropriate time to make resolutions for the coming year. January is so gloomy and we’re still surrounded by the excesses of the holiday season-it’s almost like we’re setting ourselves up to fail.

I try to learn a new skill each year and I suppose it’s fitting that I always tend to make this decision in March. This year, I enrolled on a poetry course which aims to help you write better poetry through an enhanced understanding of the form and its origins.

Even when things are busy, I think there’s always room for learning. I love the feeling of mastering something new, whether it’s creative, practical or academic. It provides focus, a sense of purpose and a feeling of satisfaction at having broadened my skill set.

A few days ago, I decided to take the plunge and post a poem I had written for Delta International Voices Spring Challenge to my Instagram account. 

The micro poem can be viewed by following me on Instagram @avking1302. It’s called View from a Hilltop at the End of the World and was written with certain restrictions in mind. It could be no longer than 30 words, and had to include the specific words‘bruised’ ‘ribbons’ and ‘abandon.’

People have been kind, particularly the lovely people at Delta International Voices, an exclusively female platform.

Poetry, I think, is one of the trickiest forms to master. It’s such a compact form of writing that a single poor word choice can destroy your meaning, weaken the whole atmosphere of your work. Then there’s the fine balance between the technicalities of form and structure and the creative voice. 

There’s a lot to learn but a fresh challenge is always welcome and I’m hopeful that I will come across techniques and ideas that will strengthen all my writing, not just poetry.

Until next time...

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