I’ve  been pretty honest about my tortured relationship with poetry. It’s an area of writing that I would love to be able to approach with a little more skill and finesse. Alas, each time I attempt it, I feel clumsy and chaotic and utterly lacking in anything remotely resembling poetic skill.

At the beginning of his month, I decided to enter the Delta International Voices spring challenge. The Brief was straight forward; write a poem of only thirty words, including ‘ribbons’, ‘abandon’, and ‘bruised’. I thought it would be fun to follow specific instructions and I really enjoy the process of writing something and then editing it down to the bare bones. I also thought it would be interesting to compare my finished piece with the work of other participants.

It never occurred to me that my poem would place in the top three, so imagine my surprise when it did just that! The poem is called View from a Hilltop at the End of the World and can be viewed by visiting https://deltaintrnlvoices.com/challenges/ or by following my Instagram account @AlisonVKing1302.

If there’s a lesson here (and, in my experience, there usually is) I think it must be this: when we create something for the pure joy of it, that which we create wields a power far stronger than we could ever imagine. Without money or glory to motivate us, we make something which is a living, breathing extension of ourselves, an honest reflection of our deepest thoughts and desires. Such work has weight and cannot remain unnoticed for long.

Until next time...

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